A polar bear in the heat at the Wild World of Aywaille: Jean-Michel Stasse, founder of Wolf Eyes, accuses the park again!

Despite a conviction (symbolic €1), Jean-Michel Stasse publishes a new video of polar bears… Le Monde Sauvage reacts and talks about manipulation…

The seasons follow one another and are similar to the Wild World of Aywaille. And at the dawn of this summer, a new controversial page seems to be opening for the animal park… a page again marked by accusations of animal abuse and, once again, written by Jean-Michel Stasse, president of the ASBL Wolf Eyes.

This weekend, the temperatures indeed flirted with 40° and, like 4 years ago, the activist released a video of these polar bears, under the dodger. Images that quickly went around the web since this Monday noon, they had already been views nearly 90,000 times.

Despite a conviction last May – the Court of Appeal had reduced to a symbolic €1 (+ legal costs) the conviction aimed at compensating the safari – Jean-Michel Stasse therefore persists and signs. For the latter, polar bears should simply not be placed in captivity… even less so in our latitudes.

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