a restaurant in Strasbourg is launching a 100% mystery menu

Last September, we told you about the arrival of a curious restaurant, located in La Krutenau. Bazart, that’s its name, had replaced Le Rutsch restaurant to offer original and rather daring cuisine for a new restaurant. In the space of a year, the mayonnaise took hold and the project won over. Today, to stand out a little more, the boss has decided to return to the kitchen (his first job) to have fun and offer what he has always wanted to do: a short, clear menu, a nice selection of wines and above all, a 100% mystery menu, from appetizer to dessert.

We find the Bazart restaurant a stone’s throw from the Place de Zurich, on the ground floor of a pretty Alsatian house. In this establishment, you can choose to eat in three different atmospheres and settings, the rooms having been decorated to create very distinct universes. This is the first big originality of the place. The second is that the rooms change face according to the exhibitions that set up there (hence the T in Bazart). And finally, the last originality, it is this famous menu that one can taste without knowing what it is composed of. “Mystery” or “blind” menu, we will call it as we wish. The main thing is that you just have to sit down, let yourself be surprised and discover creative dishes full of little details that surprise the palate. And don’t worry, for those who are wondering, it’s not a blindfolded menu.

Market cuisine for a menu with your eyes closed

After a year of operation and a return to normal post-Covid, that’s it, Greg can finally offer his famous mystery menu, the content of which we don’t know in advance. Now in the kitchen, the young chef who runs the restaurant with his wife Fanny can give free rein to his imagination. Initially produced punctually for special evenings, this menu, of which we know nothing in advance, was very popular with those who tried it.. From now on, it is in place for lunch and dinner, with two different formulas according to small or big appetites.

Noon, there is either a complete menu of the day (at a more than interesting price: €17 for a starter + main course + dessert), or a mystery menu for €25. As we know that customers are in a bit of a hurry at lunchtime, the surprise menu is in 3 stages and calibrated so that you get to work on time. Evening, no menu at all: the restaurant works only in formula “mystery”. For a 4-course menu, it costs €35, and €45 for the 5-course menu.

Octopus, beef, small emulsions, pork, fish most of the time from sustainable fishing: the menu varies according to moods, the season, the products that the team finds and uses in the kitchen. In short, it’s a real creative job and the plates often hide many little surprises: pink pepper in the dessert, small smoked juice for the starter, the marriage of cherry and pork for the dish… We told you that we were there in an unconventional restaurant! As for the wine, it will be the surprise within the surprise: we give Fanny a few clues about the wines we like and we let ourselves be surprised there too.

Small and big +

  • The terrace sheltered from noise and heat is a great asset
  • When you book you can choose the atmosphere in which you want to settle (ethnic atmosphere, jungle or bistro)
  • The menu of the day at 17 euros is really interesting
  • We were promised originality, and there are some on all floors
  • When booking a mystery menu, indicate your intolerances and allergies
  • The welcome is really pleasant, we are always well received by a host of smiles


9 Rue du Renard-Prechant
67000 Strasbourg
Closed Sunday and Monday
The restaurant’s website
The restaurant’s Facebook page

*Article supported but not reviewed by Bazart

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