Advice from a Béarnaise dietician: what should you eat during hot weather?

For this, several autonomous mechanisms are put in place: decrease in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, decrease in intellectual performance and especially increase in sweating…

For this, several autonomous mechanisms are put in place: decrease in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, decrease in intellectual performance and above all increase in sweating in order to cool the body.

In order to maintain a satisfactory level of hydration and compensate for the losses linked to perspiration, we must drink a lot. Some water-rich foods provide a significant water intake. In addition, digestion leads to an increase in body heat. The longer and more difficult it is, the more you are likely to get hot. A good reason to eat light.

In this article, I tell you which foods to eat during hot weather and which ones to avoid to have the best of summers.

The editorial staff advises you

Water: it’s the only drink that keeps you hydrated

Forget fruit juices, soda, alcohol, carbonated waters that only dehydrate you. Drink water at room temperature. Indeed, cold water will require the body to make an additional effort which will increase the body temperature. Do not hesitate to increase the quantities and drink before you feel thirsty. Pay particular attention to young children and the elderly who are more susceptible to dehydration.

Raw vegetables

Composed of more than 90% water and rich in mineral salts to compensate for mineral losses (magnesium, sodium, potassium) linked to perspiration, raw vegetables are perfect for maintaining good hydration and easing your digestion. Vegetables lose their water during cooking as well as vitamins and minerals, which is why it is better to favor raw.

cold soups

Nothing better to quench your thirst than a cold soup: gazpacho, zucchini velouté. You can even combine fruit for a more original flavor.

Water-rich fruits

We will favor the richest in water for their refreshing effect: melon, watermelon, red fruits. Pay attention to the quantities you eat, keep in mind that a fruit is always sweet!

Fish, shellfish and crustaceans

Low in fat and more digestible than any meat, these seafood products should be on the menu regularly this summer. Eat them hot or cold. Note that you will also benefit from their contribution in interesting minerals: iodine, phosphorus, selenium… not to mention the precious omega 3.

Natural dairy products

Rich in water, yoghurts, cottage cheeses and other white cheeses are the allies of hydration. Diversify your intake by regularly consuming vegetable preparations based on soy or coconut.

Foods to avoid

– Sorbets: to be consumed from time to time for pleasure, they quench your thirst. Prefer full fruits, that is to say without added sugar. You can also make them yourself very easily.

– Alcohol, coffee and tea should be avoided: although refreshing when consumed cold, these diuretic drinks dehydrate the body.

– Strong spices like chilli, pepper, and ginger cause an increase in body heat that will make you sweat. It is better to abstain during hot weather.

– Fried foods, dishes in sauce, cooked fats: here are fatty preparations that will put your digestion to the test and increase the internal temperature of the body. On the other hand, do not neglect the intake of raw fats. Alternate the oils (olive, rapeseed, nuts, etc.) and add them to your raw vegetables, fish, starches after cooking.

– Beware of salty foods and dishes (cheeses, cold meats, crisps, etc.) which increase the feeling of thirst and dehydration.

Anaïs Taqourt is a dietitian nutritionist in Morlaàs. Such. 06 83 65 52 09. Website: “Anais Taqourt” Facebook page.

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