Puppy Abused And Thrown Into River Still Ready To Give Humans A Chance

© Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan/Facebook VanBuren, a 6-month-old puppy, was found abandoned in an iron cage by a river. The young dog with the broken leg is slowly recovering from his injury and his traumatic experience at the shelter. However, it can already be adopted. The pet association Jackson County Animal Shelterlocated in … Read more

Massive recall at Leclerc: do not consume this food contaminated with Listeria, it is chicken

The brand has experienced several cases of product recalls since April. Before chicken, cold cuts and fish marketed in the supermarket have already been the subject of a recall procedure. For good reason, the famous products are suspected of containing Listeria, the agent responsible for listeriosis. The latter is a disease that can be serious … Read more

This parasite makes you sexier!

Being infected by a parasite would make us more beautiful! This fascinating observation was made by an international team of researchers. But, how does the parasite in question, Toxoplasma gondiidoes it change the perception of our appearance? Toxoplasma gondii is a small parasite capable of manipulating the behavior of its host. Through partially elucidated mechanisms, … Read more