Belgian Arnaud Delvenne loses in the final of Top Chef


The Liégeois presented a 100% Belgian menu in the final, but that was not enough.

After 18 weeks of competition, Belgian Arnaud Delvenne lost to Louise Bourrat on Wednesday in the final of the cooking show “Top Chef”. Supported by his chef de brigade, Glenn Viel, the Liégeois has managed, over the weeks, to seduce the taste buds of the most prestigious chefs with fine and tasty dishes, never missing an opportunity to throw a few nods to his native country.

To watch Wednesday’s final, broadcast simultaneously on M6 and RTL TVI, the 30-year-old from Xhendremael had gathered his family and friends around him, in a festive atmosphere at La Grand Poste in Liège. ” I am not disappointed. I am very proud of my journey. At the start of the adventure, I did not leave with a positive state of mind. Given the leaders I had in front of me, I thought I would do two weeks. It is very good that a woman won because they are still too underrepresented in the profession”reacted to the outcome of the Arnaud Delvenne verdict, the only Belgian to have managed to reach the final of “Top Chef”, all editions combined.

Belgian Arnaud Delvenne loses in the final of Top Chef

In the home stretch of the competition, the finalists, assisted by their former competitors, had taken over the kitchens of the gourmet restaurant of the famous Parisian palace George V, with the mission of preparing a three-course menu for 80 Red Cross volunteers. Faced with this extraordinary challenge, Arnaud Delvenne bet on a “Cuisine of feeling, emotion, while remaining creative”. He thus proposed a 100% Belgian menu with a starter mussels and fries, a main course in the form of poultry waterzooï and a speculoos dessert reminiscent of a tarte tatin.

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A fair play candidate

Although in competition against Louise Bourrat, the “Made In Liège” chef did not hesitate, in a moment of difficulty, to help his adversary by serving him a few plates of his main course. “It seemed normal to me. Our job is sharing and transmission. I don’t know if that may have played into Louise’s victory. I gained otherwise, in friendships, in professionalism. I come out of it grown”he points out.

Of his career, the candidate will remember above all his meeting with his brigade leader. “Glenn Viel made me evolve. Besides the culinary side, he also helped me to discover myself, to understand who I am. We kept in touch. We text and phone each other frequently., he explains. Since the end of the filming of this 13th edition of Top Chef, Arnaud Delvenne has opened his own restaurant, at “Nono”. He offers a “Generous cuisine, sincere but light” with dishes made from fresh, Italian-style products. “That’s what I’m most proud of. It’s a life project and a tribute to my mom who always supported me and nicknamed me Nono “, he explains. He will also deliver some of his secret recipes in his book “We enjoy with Arnaud Delvenne” to be released on Saturday.

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Very involved in the Télévie operation, in memory of his mother who died of cancer, the Liégeois will soon be launching chocolate bars, in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Hubert’s “Millésime Chocolat” factory. All profits from sales will be donated to Télévie.

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