Bubble Tea: what are the health hazards?

Certainly, Bubble Tea is the it-drink of the moment. Impossible not to miss a photo of influencers drinking it on his Instagram feed. However, these famous drinks should be drunk in moderation. Explanations.

Bubble Tea, too much sugar

If some think that the bubble tea is a healthy drink, we tend to forget that its sugar content is not without consequences. In reality, some Bubble Tea would concentrate more sugar than Coca Cola. The problem being that Bubble Tea is often served in 500ml formats and, sometimes, more than that. This represents a huge amount of sugar, especially if you have become accustomed to consuming it every day.

Even more worrying, the over-consumption of Bubble Tea can cause a gout attack. A gout attack is a form of arthritis. This therefore triggers strong joint pain. Indeed, the uric acid of Bubble Tea, if it is drunk regularly, can very quickly prove to be in excess in the blood by integrating in the form of crystals in the joints mainly.

In China, a young man hospitalized because of Bubble Tea

A young man, living in the city of Foshan, in the province of Guangdong in southern China, had been hospitalized because of his over-consumption of Bubble Tea. Her symptoms were impressive to say the least as her hands and feet had become rock hard.

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily, Dr. Zheng Shaoling analyzed the case of his patient. “Gout presents with symptoms such as pain, redness and swelling in the joints (…). When the patient arrived, the gout was affecting all four of his limbs and preventing him from walking. The uric acid levels of the teenager were very high. We put him on an anti-inflammatory and managed to reduce his uric acid level by half”, he declared before reassuring on the current state of health of his patient . “He is now able to stand and walk, but we will have to continue to monitor his condition.”

As with many things, it is therefore always necessary to be careful of overconsumption.

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