Married at first sight: this is where Alicia’s cat was, Internet users do not hide their disappointment

Last week, in the episode of Married at first sight, Olympe, Alicia’s cat was missing. A suspense that M6 lasted until Monday, May 16, when the outcome of the disappearance of the tomcat took place. Widely disappointing viewers. All that for this. This is how we could summarize the reactions of Internet users after the … Read more

Cats know the names of their fellow cats

Cats are often seen as aloof and disengaged animals compared to dogs. Beneath their air of indifference to the world around them, cats actually listen intently to your conversations. To the point of knowing the first name of each of the inhabitants of the home, humans as pets, according to a new Japanese study. Read … Read more

Too many cats to adopt at the Quebec SPA

The adoption of cats at the Society for the Protection of Animals of Quebec (SPA) is overflowing for the first time in two years. Since the start of the pandemic, the attraction for pets has always been strong due in particular to isolation, but the SPA de Québec is experiencing a new reality as demand … Read more

Top 18 Things Your Cat Has Destroyed In Your Home, Don’t Keep Any Valuables

Does it really teach you anything to say that cat owners are fat vikoss? Certainly. And as many of us are part of this fragmented community, we have identified all the objects destroyed by this cute animal, including our self-esteem. 1. Your sofa armrests First he started ruining it by scratching his claws on it, … Read more