[ Ces aliments qui pourraient figurer au menu d’ici 2050]

Wars, climate change, lack of access to drinking water… So many factors that can lead to situations of food insecurity, according to experts. How to reverse this situation? “False banana”, “wild cereals”, fruit of the Pandanus tectorius… You may not be familiar with these names yet. It’s just the foods that could be on your … Read more

Toulouse. He opens a Latino restaurant-tea room in the most atypical district of the city

By Anthony Assemat Published on 22 May 22 at 8:08 Toulouse News See my news Follow this media Adrien is the manager of La Pïñata, a restaurant-tea room with very Latin accents. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat) Since mid-March 2022, there has been change after rue de la Colombetteside Saint-Aubin district, in Toulouse. The historic Ver Luisant … Read more