a lawyer collects complaints from families to carry out a group action

The testimonies are more numerous to overwhelm Orpea, the world leader in Ehpad established in more than 23 countries and holding 354 reception establishments for the elderly in France alone. The group, accused of institutionalized abuse in “Les Fossoyeurs”, a book-investigation by journalist Victor Castanet, has already dismissed its general manager Yves Le Masne, replaced … Read more

François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon join HDV Avocats

April 4, 2022 – HDV Avocats, a labor law firm, is expanding its teams with the arrival of François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon in the Clermont-Ferrand office. Specialist in labor law and social security law, Francois Bretonniere has real expertise in various strategic areas: in consulting (restructuring, PSE, solutions for adapting the workforce, collective relations … Read more

Why do lawyers celebrate Saint-Yves?

Yves Helory de Kermartin, nicknamed the advocate of the poor, is the patron saint of lawyers and lawyers. To pay tribute to the child of Côtes-d’Armor, Breton music was out, with binious and bagpipes. The Mass was celebrated by Mgr Jean-Philippe Nault, Bishop of Nice, in the presence of the President of the Bar, Me … Read more

110 magistrates, lawyers and registry officials from Cher demonstrated on the steps of the Bourges courthouse

The image is as rare as the malaise of justice professionals is abysmal. This Wednesday noon, one hundred and ten judges and prosecutors, black and red robes, lawyers from the Bourges bar, civil servants and registry staff, were gathered, side by side, on the steps of the Bourges courthouse in this national day of action. … Read more

Isabelle Balkany’s lawyers protest against her being sent to prison

According to them, the physical and psychological state of Isabelle Balkany is incompatible with a prison sentence. A few minutes after the announcement of the revocation of the placement under an electronic bracelet of the Balkany spouses, and therefore of the sending in detention of Isabelle Balkany, the latter’s lawyers, Me Pierre-Olivier Sur and Me … Read more

Johnny Depp’s lawyers present him as a victim of Amber Heard, who does not give in to the stand

Amber Heard is done at the helm. Faced with the rolling fire of the cross-examination conducted by Johnny Depp’s lawyers, the American actress will never really have been destabilized on Monday and Tuesday. Presented as the instigator of the many disputes with her ex-husband, and often the first to strike, Amber Heard assured that she … Read more