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Maïté Hervé and Florent Demas are the new owners of “Silex Restaurant”, formerly “Chez Miton” in Chahaignes. ©Le Petit Courrier – The Echo of the Loir Valley

They opened on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, and they are overwhelmed! Florent Demas and Maite Herve are the new owners of the establishment. Flint Restaurant“, formerly ” At Miton” , at Chahaignesand their reservation book is already full: “The clientele is there, it’s very pleasant”, enthuses Maïté Hervé.

A simple and modern kitchen

She is from jupilles and him from Montabon. Both have a wealth of experience in France and to abroadas in Australia, Belgium, and even New Zealand, in Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional, semi-gourmet, or even luxury brasseries.

If Maïté is passionate about pastry shop and the vegetal and lets his creativity speak through ever more subtle dishes, Florent likes to surprise with a mastered cooking and technical.

But the couple “does not want to put themselves in a box”. And describes his cuisine as “simple, with raw and local products, homemade, on site, with a touch of modernity”.

Quality local products

For the two chefs, quality rhymes with local products. They only appeal to producers of the region, paying particular attention to the origin and the traceability some products.

Our vegetables come from Thoiré-sur-Dinan and Lavernat, our wines from the local vineyards as well, the cheese from Marçon, the meat comes from Sarthe and Touraine, raised only in France and only in France.

Thus, the two leaders wish to highlight the wealth and the quality from their neighboring producers by offering menus at their tables that change over the seasons and their inspiration.

A favorite

Maïté and Florent took over this restaurant located in the heart of the village of Chahaignes, after having discussed at length with the former owners. “The handover went well, Miton and Naoko showed us their full support,” explains Maïté Hervé.

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A mutual crush between the old and new owners since the couple who ran this well-known and recognized restaurant for 20 years had the chance to be Maïté and Florent’s first customers.

We are all four in the business, we have the same desires and the same expectations.

Some adjustments

Even if the new restorers immediately appreciated this restaurant just a stone’s throw from the Bercé forest and that they found this “magnificent place”, they still decided to some adjustments :

“We had different decoration ideas, and above all, we wanted expand the kitchen area. So we sacrificed a small client space to make our workplace more spacious. We were helped by the municipality and Sarthe Initiative for this work, ”explains the couple.

A full reservation book

Since opening from their restaurant, Maïté and Florent no longer know where to turn.

“Our reservation book is full for the next three weekswe are even obliged to refuse customers, ”explains, sorry, Maïté Hervé, wanting to privilege the quality of the plates, to the quantity of customers served.

They are supported by Amanda who takes care of the room service. But alone, she cannot take care of the 35 covers : “We are looking for someone to help him indoors until the end of September. With the good weather coming, and certainly the tourists who go with it, we will be all the more overwhelmed, ”adds the professional.

On the other hand, faced with the problem of restaurateurs and their difficulties in recruiting staff, the couple will most certainly resolve in the future to recruit a alternating.

Maïté Hervé and Florent Demas have other ideas for their establishment, but above all wish to confirm their facility and to advance their rhythm.

The “Silex Restaurant”, 15, place of the church, 72340 Chahaignes. Open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, 12 p.m.-2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Reservation only by phone on 02 43 44 62 62

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