Cyberjobs is a platform that boosts your career in cybersecurity

Become the reference for cybersecurity jobs

Cyberjobs has set itself the goal of becoming the benchmark for cybersecurity employment. And to achieve this goal, the innovative platform is involved in many actions. In particular, it is a member of the Cyber Campus, where companies have worked to strengthen synergies between all the players in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Organizer of the Paris cybersecurity forum, partner-organizer of the FIC and the European Cyber Week, and active member of the CEFCYS, Cyberjobs acts daily to evangelize the IT security professions, and to participate in intensifying the attractiveness of companies recruiting in the sector.

One in six unfilled cybersecurity jobs

In the field of cybersecurity, one in six jobs remains unfilled due to a lack of candidates. To alleviate this problem, Cyberjobs has chosen to intensify the visibility of cybersecurity, its talents, its jobs, its training, its opportunities, and its companies.

And to optimize the matching between candidate profiles and company needs, Cyberjobs provides recruiters with a CV library with nearly 10,000 qualified CVs in cybersecurity with a search algorithm optimized by type of job, by years of experience or by region.

Already more than 100 companies listed on the platform

On the Cyberjobs platform, more than 100 companies are listed. In total, more than 400 job offers are proposed monthly to candidates who wish to make a career in the cybersecurity field.

Moreover, with more than 8,000 candidates listed on the platform, companies have every chance of quickly recruiting the profile they need.

A wide variety of profiles

Security solutions developer, technical security specialist, pentester, cybersecurity trainer, information systems security manager, security operation center analyst, cybersecurity business engineer: whatever the cybersecurity position you want to work in and whatever your experience, the platform will help you find the job that suits you.

In 2023, focus on training!

If the year 2022 was placed under the sign of recruitment, in 2023, Cyberjobs has the project to add a training branch to its platform.

Also very important in the field of cybersecurity, this new branch will give schools and training organizations the opportunity to highlight their modules, courses, and educational teams at the heart of the platform. Cyberjobs will reference ongoing and initial training courses, which will be aimed at students, returnees or cyber experts who want additional training.

An employer brand in the spotlight

Today, the relationship between companies and candidates is reversed. As a result, companies must successfully differentiate themselves if they want to attract the best cybersecurity experts. And to attract them, organizations have no choice but to strengthen their employer brand. Thanks to the Cyberjobs platform, they will be able to highlight their values, their expertise, the means to increase the skills of their employees, or their actions to promote well-being at work. The goal? Attract new talent!

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