Dinosaur: a gigantic terrestrial super-predator discovered on a British island

“It was a gigantic animal, exceeding 10 meters in length. Given some of its dimensions, it probably represents the largest predator ever discovered in Europe”according to Chris Barker, a paleontology researcher who led the study published in the journal Peer J. Admittedly, few bones of the beast have been unearthed so far, but “the numbers don’t lie: it’s bigger than the biggest specimen ever found in Europe”said the researcher to AFP.

The mighty carnivore indeed appears “even bigger” another predatory dinosaur discovered in Portugal in 2017, confirmed Thomas Richard Holtz, an American University of Maryland paleontologist not involved in the study. It was a local collector, the Briton Nick Chase, who discovered these fossils. He spent his life excavating the beaches of this island in the south of England, one of the richest sites in Europe in dinosaur fossils.


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