Essonne: an owner lets his dog starve, a complaint filed and the animal seized

The animal rights association Stéphane Lamart has filed a complaint against a man who left his 3-year-old dog Oscar to starve and become dehydrated in Guigneville-sur-Essonne. (©Stéphane Lamart Association)

More than a year since he let his dog starve and dehydrate in Guigneville-sur-Essonne (Essonne). This owner not cared more about Oscar, his Drahthaar breed dog. On Wednesday June 22, 2022, the man in his forties was visited by the gendarmerie and one investigator of the association animal rights Stephane Lamart who has seize the animal and deposit a complaint.

A veterinarian gave the alert

The alert was given by a worried veterinarian when he had just operated on Oscar for a stomach upset.

In an email sent to the Bénévole Animal Brigade, the doctor indicated, according to the Stéphane Lamart association, that the 3-year-old dog was “cachetically thin, completely dehydrated, suffered from severe anemia and was hypothermic (temperature at 36.4°)”.

After the operation, the vet tried to make the owner listen to reason, to give his dog more to eat.

His owner gave him 90 grams of kibble a day

The latter would have retorted that he gave him 90 grams of kibble per day. “Which is completely insufficient for a dog of this size”, indignantly the association for the defense of animals.

Despite his worrying condition, the dog returned to his owner. The Stéphane Lamart association then contacted the public prosecutor of Évry to request a judicial requisition for facts of suspicion of animal abuse.

Arrived at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the quarantine, the gendarmes and the investigator of the association discover that the animal was adopted in February 2021 at the SPA of Vaux-le-Pénil (Seine-te-Marne) after the death of its owner’s mother.

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A year after his adoption the dog went from 23 to 11.5 kg

“Oscar then weighed 23 kg while today he weighs only 11.5 kg”, assures the association specifying that Oscar was again taken to the veterinarian “where his vital prognosis is engaged”

Its owner was “heard on Wednesday at the gendarmerie”. “It is unthinkable to let your dog die slowly by not giving him food”, is indignant at the Stéphane Lamart association, deploring “unacceptable behavior”.

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