Falling prices for the agricultural and food products market

As Aid Al Adha approaches, the market for agricultural and food products remains well supplied and the prices of the main vegetables and fruits show a downward or stable trend, the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries said on Friday. , rural development and water and forests. The Ministry attributes this situation to the joint efforts of the State, farmers and professionals in the sector, despite the difficult climatic conditions of this agricultural campaign and the global situation characterized by soaring prices.

Thus, “the State’s effort, in particular through the program to reduce the impact of the rainfall deficit (…) and the improved climatic conditions of March and April, which allowed good installation and development of spring crops, have largely contributed to a resumption of the dynamics in the agricultural sector”, observes the ministry. The monitoring of agricultural markets by the services of the Department of Agriculture shows the following main trends according to the products.

With regard to cereals and sugar, thanks to the refund mechanisms put in place by the government, the prices of soft wheat flour have not undergone any change, despite the dizzying increases on the world market, thanks to the refund system import set up by the government. For sugar, the price remains fixed and unchanged thanks also to state support, the statement said, noting that for edible oils, prices remain at the levels recorded since 2021.

The main most consumed market gardening products show a “very satisfactory and sufficient” level of availability, both in quantity and quality, thanks in particular to the entry into production of seasonal market gardening, the press release points out.

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