Figéac. Eureka! The restaurateurs make a big deal out of it!

The Intercommunal Tourist Office wishes to associate the restaurants of Grand-Figeac with the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphics by Jean-François Champollion. Thus, under the impetus of Benoît Normand, vice-president of Grand-Figeac and president of the Intercommunal Tourist Office, and his collaborators, a way was found to unite the restaurateurs of the territory who wanted it, around a Eureka dish (cocktail, starter, main course, or dessert), comprising one of the five representative ingredients of the region: duck, lamb, nuts, honey or spices, including saffron.

“They are currently 25 to have joined us and we are awaiting the responses of two or three others, specifies the president of the ILO. To set up the project, we have created a steering committee, with eight professionals from Grand-Figeac, including four present here, the Sarrasin creperie, the Pont d’Or, the Renaissance in Capdenac and the Paillotte in Saint-Sulpice.We have met several times to understand the opinions of professionals, in order to unite them around the a fairly flexible way but with a common link. Because it is a question of interesting tourists, but also all the inhabitants of the territory”.

The operation will begin on Tuesday June 21, on the occasion of the music festival, and each restaurateur participating in the project will be able to highlight the poster “Yum, a Eureka dish” on their establishment. On this poster, there is a QR code, mentioning the complete list of members of the project. Other supports will be affixed to their storefront.

“We wanted to launch the operation a little ahead of the tourist season, continues Benoît Normand, in order to encourage locals to discover these restaurants, with a little head start, because we have published 50 loyalty cards, to get stamped during a Eureka meal. The full card will entitle you to a very nice gift offered by the ILO. There is a lot of diversity in these restaurants, which corresponds well to the diversity of the territory and the events of this program Eureka 2022”.

The opinion of the professionals

“We were a little hesitant, but after reflection, we said to ourselves that we could not miss a creative event based on flavors”, explains Jean Lonchamp of the creperie le Sarrasin. Same story with Isabelle and Gilles Roumieux of the Renaissance in Capdenac: “It’s a great initiative which has the merit of uniting us around a common project praising the territory”.

Barbara and Stéphane Danckaert, from La Paillotte in Saint-Sulpice are betting: “We are not from the region, but we are happy to join the project because we do not want our beautiful Célé valley to be forgotten. We will take advantage of this initiative to highlight it. It’s a great challenge for us, hoping that the people of Figeac will come to see us”.

“It’s a great project and I hope it will add to the attractiveness of the city and the region, explains Régine de Médeiros of the Pont d’Or restaurant. We already have the cocktail at the bar and our menu will garnish with at least two Eureka dishes”.

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