Franprix will “recheck” all its stores and promises sanctions

After RMC discovered that Buitoni pizzas supposed to be withdrawn from the shelves were still on sale in certain stores, Franprix announces that checks will be carried out and sanctions will be taken against the managers in the event of non-compliance with the procedure.

Pizzas banned, but still on sale. As RMC showed this Tuesday morning, products from Buitoni’s Fraich’up range, affected since March 18 by a withdrawal-recall procedure due to dozens of serious cases of contamination with the E.coli bacterium, are still available on the shelves of some stores, including Franprix. The supermarket chain announces to RMC that new checks will be carried out in all its stores. And promises that sanctions will be taken against managers who do not comply with regulatory obligations.

“All stores will be rechecked within 48 hours”

“We immediately deployed a task force system for visual verification in 100% of stores to ensure that the procedure has been applied, coupled with a written reminder of regulatory obligations. In the event that stores are identified , the goods must be destroyed immediately and sanctions will be taken against the manager. All stores will be re-checked within 48 hours”, says Franprix.

Two children have died, 56 cases have been confirmed

According to the latest report from Public Health France, carried out on May 4, 56 cases of contamination by the E. coli bacterium were confirmed, in connection with Buitoni pizzas from the Fraich’up range, between January 18 and April 5. This concerns 55 children and one adult, in 12 regions of metropolitan France. Two children died. Of the 55 sick children, 48 presented with HUS (haemolytic uraemic syndrome). The product withdrawal-recall procedure was launched on March 18. “The total number of HUS cases linked to the consumption of these pizzas has stabilized since the withdrawal-recall”, indicated Public Health France last month.

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