Grenoble: alcoholic desserts served to children in 39 school canteens

The parents demanded accounts. The town hall said there weren’t many.

Last Friday the school canteens of Grenoble (Isere) have highlighted theItaly. With a menu made up of specialties, and as a final bouquet the famous Tiramisu.

Very small quantity

Except that instead of thealcohol extract initially provided for in the composition of the dessertit’s from the alcohol, real, which was used in its manufacture. It was the officers of the municipality who lifted the hare. What cause the amazement of several parents, knowing that the dessert was served in no less than 39 canteens.

The town hall, however, clarified to our colleagues from Dauphiné that alcohol was indeed present in these desserts, but in very small quantities.

Tiramisus with alcohol were served to students in primary schools in Grenoble

It was the municipal officers who spotted the blunder

– The Parisian (@le_Parisian) June 16, 2022

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