his hallucinating note in a restaurant after his trial, delirious!

Johnny Depp has funny ways to celebrate the end of his legal imbroglio. As proof, this outdoor meal, no one will forget it!

Johnny Depp in the middle of a media tsunami!

Johnny Depp has come a long way. Every time a witness in favor of his ex came to the stand, he held his breath. On the other hand, since he was suing her for defamation, he did not hesitate to give full details to the jurors. On social networks, his fans did not miss a beat. Also, when the judge ruled and sentenced Amber Heard to pay him a colossal sum, he considers it a victory over what will be said. Gradually, journalists qualify this reversal of situation as a wave #MenToo. Of course, he must also pay damages to the opposing party. However, what better than a meal with friends to ward off bad vibes? The bill has just fallen… The least thatObjeko can say is that it is damn salty! How will he react?

A memorable evening!

For Mohammed Hussain, happiness is as simple as a phone call. This Sunday afternoon, while the clerks of his restaurant settle behind the stoves, he is warned that the famous actor will come ” eat with a group of friends. How do you know if this is not a bad joke? ” Shocked“, it takes a few minutes what happens to him. Very quickly, at “thesecurity team » disembark and begin to “inspect” its establishment from top to bottom. As a pledge of good faith and mutual agreement, decision is made by him ” reserve all the space. » All celebrities could attest to that. The fact of being bothered by the curious is unbearable. At the moment, everything Vanessa Paradis’ ex needs to rebuild, as calmly as possible.

Once there, Johnny Depp’s entourage is having a blast. In fact, his lifelong friends intend to take advantage of every minute of this lull. Their objective ? Just to see him smile. For his part, deeply moved by this wave of unwavering support, he will spoil his guests. It is he who will pay the bill! Before revealing the amount to our colleagues at DailyMail, the manager of this restaurant drops a b*mbe. ” We made more money than our busiest night of the week, Saturday, when we serve around 400 customers“. In a few seconds, Objeko reveals the five digits of the addition.

Johnny Depp, angel or demon?

€58,594. It almost looks like what you have to pay as a contribution to obtain a loan for a property. However, for Johnny Depp, it is the price to pay to thank them and to feel surrounded by the best. Moreover, during his interview, the owner of this restaurant underlines the benevolence of the actor. ” He spent a lot of time talking with the staff, our friends and our family. » For example, when we ask him for a selfie, he doesn’t take his legs for it, as it seems ” happy to poser”. In short, contrary to what we have read here and there, he does not have a big head. Describing and thanking him for his character ” adorable [et] with feet on the ground“What does this clash with all that his detractors were determined to peddle as gossip.

Forever Mohammed Hussain will keep his 20 minutes of private conversation with Johnny Depp. Playing the card of discretion, the trial was not mentioned. For his part, the actor specifies that he enjoys and learns about the surveillance system. These cameras, how do they work? Although he never walks around without his bodyguards, the actor probably needs to be reassured. Objeko wishes him to find his way back to the studios soon. Whether cinema or music, count on him to amaze us!

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