In the United Kingdom, McDo converts to fried halloumi – Liberation

This summer across the Channel, the fast-food giant will offer limited edition breaded halloumi fries. What confirms the rise of this Cypriot cheese more and more widespread on European tables.

If France is one of the countries in the world where the fast-food giant McDonald’s adapts its offer the most to local tastes, it is in the United Kingdom that aficionados of burgers, nuggets, wraps and other Sundays will have to go. this summer to taste the limited editions of products inspired by the flavors of southern Europe. Which will be sold, in two bursts, in June and July (for the “Taste of Italy” series of products) then in August and early September (for the “Taste of Spain and of Cyprus”).

On June 8, therefore, a tiramisu flavored ice cream, mozzarella sticks (breaded cheese sticks, which are actually found more in supermarkets and restaurants in the United States than in Italy), a sandwich – made with bread in the style of ciabatta – with chicken, tomato and basil pesto. The second limited series will offer a fruit punch (inspired by sangria), different chicken burgers with a paprika bun and a spicy tomato sauce (here, we don’t particularly see the connection with Spain, no more only with Cyprus, if you have a clue, write to us…), as well as halloumi fries (in boxes of four or twelve), which the Burger King brand already offers in different versions in its English establishments.

Installation in the European gastronomic landscape

Until now, you could only find halloumi at McDonald’s in Cyprus itself (where you can enjoy a halloumi or halloumi and bacon muffin, if you are not afraid of dying instantly from an overdose of salt) and outside Europe, falls The Independent, also in the form of a breakfast sandwich, since 2018 in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. In 2019, only one American McDonald’s, located in Chicago, also sold it for a time, recalls the site The Take Out.

In addition to the fact that the news should delight lovers of fatty and fried food, the arrival of halloumi in McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, a juggernaut of industrial food, is above all interesting in that it marks the fact that this Cypriot cheese has, in recent years, firmly established itself in the European gastronomic landscape. In France, this goat’s, cow’s and sheep’s cheese, with a rubbery appearance but which lends itself perfectly to grilling and frying since it does not melt, was relatively unknown until a few years ago, when the French preferring Greek feta. Gradually, we saw it land on the tables of restaurants in a mezze style – it is very present in Syrian, Lebanese or Jordanian cuisines – and we now often find it offered grilled in a salad for lunch or roasted with honey for an aperitif.

In April 2021, the European Commission also granted this cheese a protected designation of origin (PDO), hoping to push the reunification of the island. Enough to ensure that the producers of the island do not face competition from ersatz halloumi-style cheeses, which are found in other European countries, such as Denmark. For those who don’t have the opportunity to cross the Channel, or who prefer homemade, don’t panic: Release gave you last year some recipes to accommodate the halloumi, especially in fries.


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