It’s cute. Three boreal lynx were born at Servion Zoo.

Three Eurasian lynx were born on May 18 at the Servion zoo (VD), the park said on Tuesday. This litter of kittens is the fruit of the love of the Eurasian lynx couple Oslo and Aria, who arrived in February 2020 in the Vaud zoo.

Three baby lynx were born at Servion Zoo

The couple of lynxes Aria and Oslo gave birth to three babies a month ago at the zoo of Servion, in the canton of Vaud. The little felines will be placed in other zoos once they have grown up.


They had already given birth to two babies three months after arriving two years ago. This time it’s three little ones who have pointed the tip of their noses. The matings were observed earlier this year, zoo officials said in a statement.

Hidden high on the observatory of her cabin in a nest of shavings prepared by her care, Aria and her young were almost impossible to see. Lynx are born blind and remain huddled against their mother during their first two weeks of life, they point out.

Still hard to see

At the age of one month, the young began to move about and it became difficult for the female to keep them on the observatory. She thus decided last Thursday to take her little family down from the observatory and hide them in the thickets on the ground. It was during this first escapade that the team of caretakers noticed the presence of three cubs, and not two as initially imagined, explains the zoo.

Still very small, the three baby lynx remain very difficult for the public to observe. But their playful spirit pushes them to discover their environment more and more.

The Eurasian lynx lives in forests with dense undergrowth. In Switzerland, it is found in the Prealps and in the Jura. Considered to be in high danger of extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), only a few years ago, lynx populations are currently growing and their situation has stabilized.

Mating takes place at the end of winter and gestation lasts an average of 65 days. The female gives birth between one and four young. The Servion zoo has had lynx since 1975. It is a species ideally suited to the climate of Servion which has marked winters. Their life expectancy in captivity is about fifteen years.


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