Jura: Catering: the student rate is hard to maintain


The take-aways apply small prices that put them in trouble. Example in Porrentruy.

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Olivia, Lina and Élise, at lunch break (from left to right).

lematin.ch/Sébastien Anex

Here, the “Lanta Thai”, managed by Navane Domont.

Here, the “Lanta Thai”, managed by Navane Domont.

lematin.ch/Sébastien Anex

At the

At the “Shanti Shanti”, the boss Pintu Akter is the friend of the students.

lematin.ch/Sébastien Anex

It was “Le Quotidien Jurassien” which pointed the finger at the problem: the increase in the price of foodstuffs puts in the trouble the restaurateurs who bet on a student clientele. For kebabs and pizzas, Indian, Chinese or Thai cuisine often to take away, the profit is less.

lematin.ch met Pintu Akter, boss of the “Shanti Shanti” in Porrentruy: “I am asking for an extra franc for the employees. For students, I’m not going to raise my prices, even if it means losing money,” he says. “I don’t want to impose more burdens on students whose means are limited,” he adds.

Does Pinto Akter work at a loss with students? “If it continues like this, it will! The price of raw materials has increased a lot with the war in Ukraine. Help from the canton would be welcome…”, he says.

very correct

Client of the “Shanti Shanti”, Vincent the 40-year-old nurse appreciates Pinto Akter’s policy: “It’s very correct and I don’t mind paying a franc more: increase prices for people who have a salary , it’s quite normal, the restaurateur must survive!”

Patroness of “Lanta Thai Cuisine”, Navane Domont, has an opinion on the matter: “The prices of our products have increased by 10 to 20%, in particular the coconut milk which we use a lot. At Migros, where I buy some fresh produce, the price of vegetables has increased”.

Navane Domont has not yet increased its prices, “but we will be forced to do so,” she warns. The planned increase is 1 franc for à la carte dishes, but the menu of the day will remain at 11 francs for everyone. “We don’t want to raise prices for students,” says the owner of “Lanta Thai Cuisine”.

ready meals

On the customer side, students Olivia, Lina and Élise did not notice a price increase. “We usually eat home-cooked meals,” they say. It is only once a week that they take out meals from the restaurant.

“If it costs 12 francs instead of 11 francs, we will continue to go there”, say Olivia, Lisa and Élise. But if the increase were to be repeated, they will go less often to sustenance at take-away.

For 20 liters of oil, the restaurant “Galaxi Pizza & Kebab” pays 78 francs instead of 50 francs, as reported by “Le Quotidien Jurassien”. Pintu Akter has seen all its prices increase: that of vegetables, meat, vegetables, electricity and… plastic utensils, fork, knife, spoon…

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