Lack of staff, a restaurateur must make a radical decision

Everything had started so well for this couple, who became the owners of a restaurant with a breathtaking view of Lake Sainte-Croix, in Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, on the border of Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. . Three years ago, Patricia Prevotat and her husband decided to buy this place. From the first year, the customers are there and the business is doing well. But at the end of 2021, things are starting to go wrong, says France Bleu Provence, in an article from Thursday June 9. The 40-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is forced to stop her work in the kitchen to heal herself. The couple manages to recruit a replacement for the season – the restaurant is only open from April to September – as well as a waiter.

But after the opening, the recruited waitress decides to stop. Then it’s the cook’s turn, two months after opening, who is arrested for depression. Result: the couple decided to throw in the towel. In a post published on Instagram, the 40-year-old explains that the restaurant, located in “a magnificent setting”, is on sale. Because with the departure of the chef in the kitchen, and his impossibility to work, the mother of the family underlines “to be at an impasse”. “I have to sell my restaurant,” she says, adding to look for a person “like us, who likes to cook good food, in this place which is atypical”.

According to France Bleu, the 40-seat establishment, L’Actuel, is priced at 220,000 euros. This is not the first time that restaurateurs have been forced to shut down due to a labor shortage. Some have had to be imaginative to successfully recruit, especially for the summer season: appeal to seniors, parents or grandparents, or even offer a bonus of 1,000 euros for whoever finds him a chef. .

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