livestock feed increasingly problematic in Guy

Livestock and poultry feed has become a rare commodity in Guyana. A big blow for breeders who suffer from speculation on prices, lack of regularity of supply as well as lack of quality among other difficulties.

Jean-Yves Tarcy, president of the Regional Group of Farmers of Guyana interviewed on Guyana the 1sttime radio tries to bring information on this problem of shortage of animal feed which is growing:

“We have been writing an open letter for a month to warn about this situation without getting a response. During the legislative campaign, candidates approached us and we enlightened them on the situation which is becoming more than critical. We help each other between producers, we help each other out… Production was supposed to start again but in the end there is no food. We had to push hard to get a few bags but it’s still not enough.”

The producer recalls that to develop agriculture in Guyana, it would be necessary to be able to build up security stocks. Moreover, in view of the global economic crisis, there is a need to take urgent measures. The Farmers’ Association has formulated a proposal for an inter-professional agreement to guarantee the supply of quality livestock feed at prices that do not fluctuate.

The current situation of livestock feed shortage endangers producers’ farms and generates a public health risk. Jean-Yves Tarcy calls for an endogenous development of agriculture to no longer be dependent on imports and for the establishment of means to produce cereals in Guyana.

This livestock feed supply problem has been around for several years. Already in 2018 then in January 2020, this situation of announced shortage was already widely mentioned. And both distributors and breeders are once again wondering about the lack of local production of animal feed. An agriculture that would make it possible to be more independent from the metropolis, and to avoid this kind of situation.

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