Massive recall in France: this food is very dangerous for health, bring it back quickly to the store…, it is salmon tail fillet

Times are tough and yet the worries keep piling up. In recent times, the Ministry of Health has been constantly issuing a consumer reminder to warn the French of products to avoid. Especially since it is important to preserve the health of every citizen of France. In this article we will tell you the supermarket and the product affected by this recall. All the details in the next lines!

Conso reminder: the supermarket in danger

The consumption reminder made by the ministry has targeted a lot of retail chains for some time. There was the Carrefour supermarket, Intermarché and more. Others are still in the list as they keep piling up products to ban every week. One wonders how they manage to run their business since some people avoid them and no longer want to associate with them.

For this consumption reminder, it’s the Leclerc supermarket which was mentioned by the Ministry of Health. This sign is located in La Rochelle, located 124 Bd André Sautel. So, you have to follow the news before shopping to avoid products that would endanger your health. Apart from this, it is also recommended to visit the official website of the Ministry of Health as well as its social networks from time to time to be aware of what is happening.

The product not to consume or buy

In recent months, there has been a succession of product recalls on certain products. These include Buitoni pizzas, Kinder chocolates and other drinks such as Clavdia mineral water. Know that the list is still long but we have quoted what has made the headlines in recent months. This is why we advised always follow the newss. News is very important and there will always be information that could be interesting.

With regard to the product recently recalled for consumption, these are batches of salmon tail fillet. They were packed between May 24 and May 27, 2022. For its expiry date, it is scheduled for May 29, 2022 and June 1. That said, they should no longer be consumed or sold. So, check your frozen foods if you have kept any. Be aware that these batches of fishtail fillet are likely to be infested with listeria, which is the bacterium responsible for listeriosis.

Conso reminder: refund possible in case of purchase

The ministry invites all people who have purchased the product concerned by the consumer recall to refund it or throw it straight in the trash. This gesture is necessary to guarantee everyone’s health. In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible for those who present with fever with headaches and body aches after consuming it.

For reimbursement, the buyer must simply go to the product retailer. However, this consumer reminder advises us to always check the expiry date of each product before consuming it, whether at home or at the supermarket. So, always be vigilant and always follow our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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