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Gender inequalities

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In a study unveiled by Ifop on Thursday, 81% of women say they do more than their spouse in chores related to pets. Researchers interviewed by “Liberation” analyze this new inequality within the couple.

We already knew it thanks to the many works on the subject: women are mostly the first of the chores in the home. Ironing, shopping, cooking, caring for children… It is clear that taking care of furry or feathered animals is no exception to this rule. In an Ifop study carried out for the Vetocanis brand and published on Thursday, 81% of French women say they do more than their companion in chores related to pets.

According to the study, the largest gap concerns the purchase of food and toys, with 74% of women considering that they are in charge of them. 59% of them claim to take care of making appointments with the veterinarian and providing care. The distribution of dog walks is also a source of inequality, but to a lesser extent. 41% say they do more than…

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