Mory Sacko takes control of the first Louis Vuitton restaurant

In mid-June, Mory Sacko will be able to strike a fine goal off his bucket list: to become the artistic director of the first French Louis Vuitton restaurant located in the heart of Saint-Tropez. Starred in his Mosuke establishment in Paris, he offers himself a new playground in the White 1921 Hotel on the legendary Place des Lices in the Var village in collaboration with the no less legendary fashion house.

“It will be the first restaurant opened by Louis Vuitton in France. A place where I was able, beyond the culinary offer, to co-construct the artistic direction with the Maison Vuitton, based on our common values ​​of -faire français dedicated to the art of travel. You will find my vision of the Japanese ekiben, taiyaki, dorayaki, grilled meats, allocos, kakigori… and many other dishes! share Mory on his account instagram.

See you in St-Trop’ from June 17th.

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