New deadly attack by an olive ridley turtle at Gosselin beach

Macabre discovery on Gosselin beach in Rémire-Montjoly this morning. The corpse of an olive ridley turtle was spotted by members of the Kwata nature study and protection association. Scavenging dogs seem to regularly attack turtles during egg laying.

Another deadly dog ​​attack on a sea turtle that came to lay eggs. Attacks that almost inevitably lead to the death of reptiles. At the origin of the problem, not stray dogs but wandering dogs whose owners are generally residents.

Olive Ridley Turtle Killed by Dogs

An olive ridley turtle killed by dogs at Gosselin beach in Montjoly

©Franck Leconte

Cécile Amoravain, volunteer of the Kwata association, like every morning, counting the traces of egg laying on the beach of Gosselin made the macabre discovery.
Lying on the sand, tossed about by the waves, is the corpse of the olive ridley sea turtle which did not survive an attack. 200 meters from the body, the crime scene, some bloodstains, fin and dog paw prints.
On the left flipper of the turtle, there is a large hole. You should know that the shoulders and neck of sea turtles are particularly vulnerable
For a month, it is the 6th turtle found dead attacked by dogs.

Sea turtles are fully protected species. Canine straying is prohibited. Access to dogs, even on a leash, is prohibited by municipal decree on all the beaches of the municipality of Rémire-Montjoly. Dog owners are liable to a fine of €150,000 and two years in prison in the event of an attack by a turtle or a nest.

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