Assizes of Luxembourg: the Advocate General demands perpetuity against Philippe Lemaire

The trial of Philippe Lemaire before the Luxembourg Assize Court for the assassination of Marie-Thérèse Roufosse on July 15, 2018 has entered its final stretch. On Thursday night, the jury found the defendant guilty of premeditated murder. The hearing resumed Friday morning with the indictment of the prosecution and the arguments of the defense on … Read more

Becquetance, fine high level beaks

The Becquetance restaurant in Paris. JULIEN HAUSHERR Rue de Ménilmontant is known for its steepness, which steepens halfway through. Even as the most lazy begin to run out of steam, a lifeline is offered to them. It is made of oak and glass, a large bay window that overlooks the room of a restaurant clad … Read more

If you want to live longer, have dinner every day at 7:13 p.m.!

News Posted 1 day ago, Reading 2 mins. According to an Italian study conducted on centenarians, an early dinner hour would help increase its longevity. There would be an ideal hour for dinner. This is what researchers have demonstrated by studying the rhythm of life of Italian nonagenarians and centenarians in the Abruzzo region. The … Read more