Perpignan: death penalty, role of a lawyer, preparation for a trial… young people question justice for a week

The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Perpignan, National Education and the Jean-Vigo Institute are organizing the judicial film festival all this week for third and high school students. First hearing this Monday, January 31 at the end of the morning in the Marcel-Oms room of the cinematheque in the presence of the president of the judicial court of Perpignan, Pierre Viard and the former president of the P.-O. Me Raymond Escale.

Before being abolished, why did the death penalty exist?“; “What is the difference between life imprisonment and death penalty?“; “As a lawyer, how much do you defend someone?“; “Can we refuse a client, for example if he is accused of a crime that would send the lawyer back to his own personal story?”;How do you psychologically prepare for a trial“.

The bursts of questions posed to the president of the Perpignan judicial court, Pierre Viard and to the former president of the P.-O. Me Raymond Escalé by third-grade students from Jean-Moulin college and high school students from Maillol represent the importance of the judicial film festival. Throughout this week, the High Court of Perpignan, National Education and the Jean Vigo Institute combine their judicial and civic knowledge to transmit it to nearly 700 students.

Get out of “Twitter justice”

Citizens of tomorrow who, this Monday, January 31, after the broadcast of a documentary on the death penalty (the names of the films broadcast cannot be cited for legal copyright issues Editor’s note) were particularly astonished that such a sanction could have been administered in France. A position that somewhat surprised the president of the Perpignan court, Pierre Viard because “two years earlier, I had had the same debate with an adult public who, conversely, wondered about the fact that it was no longer authorized in France“The two lawyers underlined the valuable nature of these exchanges with the new generation.”We are in a society where opinions are very clear-cut, so we have to raise awareness of what justice is. But also get these young people out of “Twitter justice” to help them ask themselves, ask themselves the right questions and think. It’s important to show them the reality of justice in France, which has nothing to do with the representations made in American series.“, agree Me Raymond Escalé and Pierre Viard.

Throughout the festival, the different promotions of students will meet magistrates and lawyers.

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