Pierre Rigaux and Hugo Clément forced to recognize the low impact of hunting on birds!

France Television broadcast yesterday in prime time, at 8:55 p.m., a report presented by the hilarious Hugo Clément in the series ” On the front ” , Where have our birds gone? »this documentary set out to determine the reasons for the scarcity, observable by all, of the different species of birds on the territory of metropolitan France.

If two-thirds of this report highlighted, with interviews with several specialists in ornithology, the influence of urbanization, global warming and intensive agriculture in the virtual disappearance of certain species such as the goldfinch in the biotope nationally, the last part of the show saw Hugo Clément give the floor to Pierre Rigaud.

We then witnessed a formal charge against hunting, especially that of certain migratory species. Hugo Clément, the man who cannot tell the difference between a doe and a fallow deer, drank in the words of the so-called naturalist who made the fight against hunting the guideline of his existence (he will benefit from this during of this report to confuse a crow with a crow, provoking the smile of the ornithologist in front of him).

An anti-hunting charge was then led by the two activists who, despite their ideological bias, were forced to recognize that the hunting world was far from being the main responsible for the scarcity of bird species whose harvests cannot explain the population decline. We can also wonder how such a subject could not highlight the devastating impact of the cat in the world on the predation of birds. In fact, according to scientists, free-roaming cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds and between 6.9 and 20.7 billion small mammals per year”. In France, the number of mammals injured or killed by cats amounts to nearly 75 million individuals each year. It would have taken a little courage for our two journalists to offer a logical argument. It is true that it is easier to hit the million hunters rather than the 10 million cat owners in France..

If Hugo Clément had wanted to carry out his work as a journalist to the end, he should have noted the actions of hunters to boost the quality of our environments (and therefore the protection of birds) such as:
The planting of more than 20,000 km of hedges each year
The restoration of several thousand ponds, ponds, rivers and wetlands
Monitoring dozens of migratory species with ISNEA
The 15 million euros devoted to biodiversity (thanks to the eco-contribution)

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