“Pressure” on asylum judges: an association of lawyers files a complaint

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The association of lawyers Elena France, whose members are used to defending asylum seekers, filed a complaint against X with the public prosecutor of Bobigny on December 21, for “threat and act of intimidation”. , “forgery in public writing”, “interference in the exercise of a public function” and “discrimination”. Among the grounds for the complaint, “pressure exerted on the magistrates of the CNDA to influence their judicial activity” and “modifications made to a reading roll for a public session at the CNDA”.

In 2021, judges sitting at the National Court of Asylum (CNDA), responsible for examining the appeal of asylum seekers who were first dismissed by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons, entrusted Mediapart to have been the subject of “pressures” to modify the meaning of their decision, including when it had already been recorded by the judges in a collegial manner. Serious accusations, hindering the sacred independence of magistrates, which we revealed after several months of investigation last September (read our article and see our video report).

Asylum seekers in front of the CNDA, end of September 2021. © NB.

Questioned on this subject on several occasions, the President of the Court, Dominique Kimmerlin, had then denied the accusations of pressure or intervention, assuring that “the collegial nature of most court formations renders absurd the hypothesis of external pressures, which cannot be exerted in a uniform manner on three magistrates from different backgrounds”.

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