What people say about the new Nintendo Switch Lite?

It should be one of the bestsellers of Christmas. Marketed 100 dollars less than its big sister, the Nintendo Switch Lite has had to give up some of its key features. Gone is the dock that allowed it to be coupled to a TV and become a full-fledged home console, the Lite version is exclusively portable. Gone are the HD vibrations or the infrared camera with motion detector that made the game experience more immersive. Goodbye to the “joycons”, these detachable controllers around the screen, the console is delivered “in one block”, which gives it a slightly bulky look accentuated by the plastic that can look a bit “cheap”. It’s available in three nice colors: grey, yellow and turquoise.

Lightweight console

However, the grip is still very appreciable: with its 275 grams, or 30% less than the classic version, it is, as a comparison for old players, lighter than the Game Boy or even the DS. A “featherweight” achieved through a slightly smaller size: 22% less than the first model of the Switch family. Logically, the screen is also smaller, going from 6.2 to 5.5 inches (almost two centimeters diagonal). A detail since it remains very comfortable thanks to an identical resolution, and consistent enough for an ideal gaming experience. Although it won’t necessarily fit in every pocket, the console is still very easy to carry around without being cumbersome.

In terms of performance, the Switch Lite has nothing to envy to the first model. And that’s its main strength: the games compatible with the portable mode of the home console are all available on its mobile version. And if Nintendo’s catalog is already rich for its star console, the latest model can take advantage of it as soon as it is launched. This is a great advantage, as 99.9% of the Switch’s games are compatible with this Lite version. As far as sound is concerned, the speakers are powerful enough, even if we can still regret the impossibility of connecting headphones or Bluetooth headphones.

Concerning the autonomy, no revolution. If it has been slightly increased compared to the first model of the Switch Classic, the Japanese manufacturer has not played on this characteristic to further distinguish its mobile version. On average, it guarantees a game time of four hours against a little more than three for its elder sister. It will also delight all gamers who want to play online or in local wireless multiplayer with their friends and family who already have a Nintendo Switch system (up to 8 players).

So, should we go for Christmas? Yes, if you want to enjoy the multitude of games from the firm of Mario and Pokemon without spending more than 200 dollars. Its look and its characteristics will seduce both the youngest and those who no longer consider blocking the family television for a game of Zelda while enjoying a rather exceptional game library. The Switch Lite is an excellent replacement for the Nintendo 3DS.

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