“Six feet on the ground”. Food connects us to ourselves and to others, by Damien Conaré

Food is not a consumer product like any other. What if eating was a matter of relationships? That’s what it says Damien Conare, Secretary General of the Unesco World Food Chair. In this fourth episode of our series “Tomorrow, on our plates”, he returns to all the dimensions that the act of eating takes on in our lives.

Our diet first builds our health. The foods we eat shape our bodies, our emotional experiences and our identity. Food also connects us to others, through shared meals and food, the blending of food practices and economic exchanges within the food system. Finally, it connects us to the whole living world, animal and plant, but also to our intestinal microbiota, with which we live in symbiosis!

“Food concerns us all. The way we eat, the way we organize ourselves to do so, shape the society in which we live. Food is eminently political”, reminds Damien Conaré.

For him, apprehending all these dimensions invites us to commit ourselves to a “food ecology” and to promote ways of eating that contribute to our health, social justice and respect for the biosphere.

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This podcast is co-produced by International mail and the AFD.

Interview, writing and presentation: Flora Trouilloud

Directed by: Antoine Dabrowski

Music: album Kagabas, by Lion’s Drums

With the participation of: Virginie Lepetit, Carole Lembezat, Pascale Boyen, Joffrey Ricome

six feet on the ground is devoted to the major challenges of the planet. Each series explores a question and answers it in five episodes with five different speakers: philosopher, scientist, anthropologist, artist, actor or actress in the field…

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