so that small farmers are not left out of animal feed aid

“In fact, those who have chosen autonomous accounting operating modes are not provided for in the system”, underline the two organizations in a press release. For ELB, Panpi Sainte-Marie specifies: “The law does not require micro BAs (1) to have their accounts certified by a chartered accountant. However, the aid is calculated on the basis of the animal feed that you have purchased since the beginning of the crisis. You must attest to your needs using this accounting document. »


The “organizations of alternative agriculture” that its ELB and EHKLG propose to play for these agricultural micro-enterprises the role of “trusted third party” with the administration. “In the same way as are the chambers of agriculture”, emphasizes Panpi Sainte-Marie. The joint statement invites “all farmers who wish to apply for animal feed aid, to provide a sworn statement signed” by the two organizations. Farmers then “undertake to submit to any checks by the investigating services”.

EHLG and ELB offer their support in the process. “The deadline for formalizing them is Friday, June 17, time is running out. To contact ELB: 05 59 37 21 08. By email: [email protected]

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