Spain: two bears take an impressive fall after a fight on the mountainside

The two brown masses roll together before falling several meters and hitting the ground heavily below. An impressive video taken by Spanish hikers and posted on Twitter has captured the fight of two brown bears in the mountains of northern Spain.

According to the regional authorities of Castile and León, it would be the assault of a male against a female and her calf. Despite its larger size, the bear died in the fight, authorities said, and the injured female returned to pick up the cub for a possible reunion, which authorities are trying to confirm. “We know that the bear is injured, but we don’t know anything else,” said a source from the Department of the Environment in this region of northern Spain. The incident happened very precisely on a peak named Peña de Santa Lucía.

The environmental agents found the 217 kg body of the attacking bear on the ground and brought it back to a specialized center to carry out an autopsy, specifies 20 Minutes.

As the organization Nature Castile and León explained on Twitter, at this time of year “it is common for mothers to have to defend their young against attacks by males who seek to bring them back into heat”. “Like other animals, bears have a reproductive instinct. He is looking for bears with their cubs to kill the cubs,” said the president of the Brown Bear Foundation, Guillermo Palomero. “The bear goes into heat two or three days later, and this infanticidal bear can mate with her and leave her genes,” he added, calling the attacks “very violent.”

The female, “located several weeks ago with two cubs, had recently lost one, probably due to an attack by this male or another,” said Nature Castille and León. According to a statement from the regional government, “technical personnel, veterinarians, environmental agents, environmental protectors and the Bear Patrols of the Natural Heritage Foundation” of the region, assisted by the Civil Guard, are now trying to find the trail of the bear and her cub.

In Spain, some 330 brown bears live in the Cantabrian mountain range and another 70 in the Pyrenees, according to the Brown Bear Foundation.

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