Stéphane Rotenberg opens a Top Chef bistro in the Parisian suburbs, in Suresnes

By Laura B. Posted Jun 10, 2022 10:17 AM

Notice to fans of “Top Chef”! Stéphane Rotenberg, host of the M6 ​​program, announces the opening, for July 2022, of the first Bistrot Top Chef. A restaurant, located in Suresnes in the 92, which takes up the codes of the show, both in the decor, but especially in the plate thanks to a menu signed by former candidates of the culinary competition.

There are already restaurants opened by former candidates at Top chefof the temporary cards signed by participants in the culinary competitionbut not yet restaurant entirely devoted to the universe Top chef ! But that’s it, the concept will see the light of day in July next, on the initiative of Stephane Rotenberghost of theemission of M6. And it is to Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), on the banks of the Seine, that all first Top Chef Bistro go open.

This Top Chef Bistro is open with Not Parisian bistrosa restaurant group in the Ile-de-France where officiates Norbert Tarayre (Saperlipopette, Splash, Sapristi…) and in which Stephane Rotenberg had invested a few years ago, in collaboration with the M6 ​​group. Moreover, the first virtual images suggest that the Top Chef Bistro will settle in place of Macaille. Information that we did not want to confirm but above all information that has not been denied to us.

Also, this Top Chef Bistro, according to the facilitator interviewed by The Parisianwill be a kind of Best of Top chef. It is moreover Stephane Rotenberg in person who called the candidates to offer them to sign part of the card. A map made of 4 entries, 4 courses and 4 desserts, recipes that have won events or that have marked the show. With a menu offered at €39.90as in most restaurants of the Not Parisian bistros.

For its opening, the map from Top Chef Bistro will count dishes from finalists and winners of the competition, some of which have already won a star. On the menu, therefore, creations by Louise Bourrat and Arnaud Delevennefinalists for the 2022 edition, but also Victor Mercier (starred for Fief), Thibault Sombardier, Norbert Tarayre, Camille Delcroix and Coline Faulquier.

To go even further in theexperience Top chefthe restaurant will offer gourmets a tasting in an atmosphere very close to the show. So the decor will remind the plateau of the show and the famous pantry will be visible to all. Screens will show images of the show. While the more adventurous may dare to reserve the table Black Box and savor a mystery menu, in the dark of course.

Stephane Rotenberg imagine a very lively place, where he will pass regularly and with culinary shows.

The reservations for the Top Chef Bistro open on Wednesday June 15, 2022in the evening, very late, at the end of the final of Top Chef 2022via The Fork only.

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