at the height of a donkey, Jerzy Skolimowski delivers a sensitive film on the animal condition

AFP, published on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 2:05 p.m. The wandering of a donkey prey to the madness of men: in official competition at Cannes, “Eo” (Hi-han in French), by Polish Jerzy Skolimowski, dares to make the animal the main character of a film to spectacular photography. Eo is pampered by his mistress Kadandra, … Read more

Top 18 Things Your Cat Has Destroyed In Your Home, Don’t Keep Any Valuables

Does it really teach you anything to say that cat owners are fat vikoss? Certainly. And as many of us are part of this fragmented community, we have identified all the objects destroyed by this cute animal, including our self-esteem. 1. Your sofa armrests First he started ruining it by scratching his claws on it, … Read more

Axon man sentenced for killing his dog

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS He had taken his dog in a car to kill it there. A resident of Fontaine-lès-Vervins, in Thiérache was tried and sentenced. Posted on 05/17/2022 at 14:27 Hunting is an ancestral practice, no offense to some who would like to rewrite Our History. Hunt is not contrary to the Nature of …Read more … Read more

what goes on in the head of a spider?

You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] The “cloak of invisibility” of a small Australian jumping spider Arasia mullion is a jumping spider that lives in New South Wales, eastern Australia. She builds hiding places from her web and wood debris that make her almost invisible when she slips into them. A fascinating and unprecedented … Read more

Dolphins recognize their friends by the taste of their urine

AFP, published on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 10:57 p.m. Dolphins can recognize conspecifics they have already crossed paths with by the taste of their urine, in addition to their whistle, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances. “Dolphins are the first vertebrates for which we have demonstrated social recognition through … Read more

In Khartoum, a plant sanctuary welcomes exotic birds

AFP, published on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 11:12 am Gabon gray parrots, ring-necked parakeets and other birds with colorful feathers have found refuge in a 400 square meter plant sanctuary nestled east of Khartoum, the Sudanese capital. “I have a passion for birds,” says Akram Yehia, owner of the Marshall Nature Reserve. “I wanted … Read more

the birds can no longer fly due to the high temperatures

For several weeks, an unprecedented heatwave has been hitting India. The 50 degrees Celsius were reached in a city in the northwest of the country. Apart from the dangers for humans, these extreme temperatures also have a wildlife impact, as reported in a report by TF1, Monday, May 16. The birds, dehydrated, can no longer … Read more

this is how fire ants build a bridge

“Beasts of science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A parenthesis to marvel at the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s turn to a tiny beast: the fire ant. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] … Read more

Border Collie or Australian Shepherd: which one to choose?

Size, character… It is not easy to differentiate the Border Collie from the Australian Shepherd. Yet these two breeds of dog are very distinct. Explanation. the border collie and the Australian shepherd are two particularly popular herding dog breeds. First intended for the conduct of herds of sheep and cattle, these two breeds of dogs … Read more