A Japanese chef finally shows us how to eat sushi like a REAL Japanese

> A Japanese chef finally shows us how to eat sushi like a REAL Japanese – YouTubeΣχετικά μεΤύποςΠνευματικά δικαιώματαΕπικοινωνήστε μαζί μαςΔημιουργοίΔιαφήμισηΠρογραμματιστέςΌροιΑπόρρητοΠολιτική και ασφάλειαΤρόπος λειτουργίας του YouTubeΔοκιμάστε νέες λειτουργίες .

Cakes, chocolates… Sweet pleasures at the top of the favorite brands of the French

St Michel biscuits are at the top of the ranking, ahead of Lindt chocolates and Amora condiments. The French like to eat. And not necessarily the healthiest products. This is what emerges from the 2022 Observatory of the French Favorite Brand label, unveiled on Thursday at an event organized by the Union des Marques. He … Read more

E.Leclerc recalls aperitif cheeses suspected of containing listeria

The recall campaign concerns a 65 gram sachet of the Les Croisés brand, containing a duo of goat cheese balls for an aperitif. E.Leclerc stores launched a national recall campaign on Thursday, May 12, relayed by the government site Rappel Conso, concerning aperitif cheeses suspected of containing listeria, a bacterium responsible for listeriosis. This infectious … Read more

“I am outraged by the images I have seen,” says Olivier Véran

Faced with the testimony of a father whose child died after eating a Buitoni pizza, the Minister of Health said he was “devastated”. “Mr. Véran must take a stand with strong actions. Apologies are not enough. We’re asking to make sure these things don’t happen again“, declared, this Thursday on RMC, the father of an … Read more

The FNSEA calls on the government to distribute the food check “as quickly as possible”

The agricultural union is calling for an emergency food check to protect the end consumer from rising food prices. Guest of RMC this Thursday, the president of the FNSEA Christiane Lambert called on the government to distribute the food check “as soon as possible, not in three years. It is in the first 200 days … Read more

recall of two cheeses by the DGCCRF

The government site Rappel Conso has just recalled two cheeses which show traces of contamination at the Listeria monocytogenesresponsible for listeriosis. The pace of food product recalls seems to be picking up again. After the risks of contamination with E.coli bacteria in certain pizza ranges Buitoni or salmonella in Kinderit is now up to listeria … Read more

Oil, flour, eggs … Product shortages are increasing in supermarkets

War in Ukraine, inflation, storage, avian flu… So many elements which reinforce the lack of certain foods on the shelves. While shopping, the French gradually notice shelves that are empty, without being renewed. According to analyst NielsenIQ, these shortages represent a shortfall of 851 million euros for supermarkets in the first quarter of 2022. Of … Read more

Carrefour recalls chicken cordon bleu for a risk of plastic foreign body

The affected products, which are the subject of a national recall, were marketed between April 6 and April 26, 2022. After the minced steaks suspected of being carriers of Listeria monocytogenes, it is the Carrefour brand cordons bleus which are being recalled, this time on a national scale. These blue cords, sold by two in … Read more

Meat, oil, pasta… These products which weigh more and more heavily on the budget of the French

In supermarkets, inflation reached +2.67% in April compared to the same month in 2021. Inflation is accelerating in France. In supermarkets, it reached +2.67% in April – compared to April 2021 -, according to data from panelist NielsenIQ published last week, after +1.26% in March and +0.52% in February. “An unprecedented increase, we had never … Read more

Packets of pistachios recalled due to traces of pesticides

The recall affects products marketed between March 9 and April 8. A new product has been added to the list of food recalls. These are packets of shelled pistachios, marketed in Grand Frais stores. According to the government site rappel.conso.gouv, these products exceed the maximum residue limits (MRLs) of the EU. Read alsoFish fillets sold … Read more