CACL warns dog owners

For several weeks now, a press and poster campaign by the Agglomeration Community of the Center Littoral has been warning against the wandering of dogs, especially during the egg-laying period of sea turtles. Every year on the island of Cayenne, stray dogs attack leatherback turtles and their nests. These dogs can also be vectors of … Read more

A 2-year-old girl seriously injured by a dog: the animal will be euthanized according to a decree

The facts took place this Monday in the town of Péronne-en-Mélantois in Metropolitan France. A 2-year-old girl was bitten several times by a dog. The young victim was hospitalized and the mayor of the town decided to euthanize the animal because “necessary for everyone’s peace”. A controversial decision. 2-year-old girl seriously injured This Monday, May … Read more

Christian Le Squer, the starry Breton reconnects with his roots

PORTRAIT – Crowned with three stars for twenty years, the chef of the Five (George V hotel, in Paris) also cultivates his Armorican roots in association with a group anchored from Ille-et-Vilaine to Finistère. You should always be wary of a man who says to you: “I was born happy.” Usually, a few minutes later, … Read more

The GBH and the Food Bank sign a partnership

This Friday morning, the Food Bank and the Bernard Hayot Group signed a partnership agreement in order to be able to charter several containers on the island. Thanks to this new partnership, the poorest families will be able to access new products. the Bernard Hayot Group, major retailer on the island, collaborates regularly with the … Read more

Six months firm against a seller of European goldfinches

A trafficker in European goldfinches, a protected species, was sentenced to six months in prison following his arrest at a flea market in Marseille. Read alsoSquats evacuated in Marseille: the sadness of a French scene The criminal court which ruled Thursday in immediate appearance also pronounced a ban for five years on the sale of … Read more

A 100% local menu is possible

ARM-PANON FAIR. The Chamber of Agriculture organized, yesterday, a first meal 100% péi, from appetizer to dessert, from products harvested, processed and cooked in Reunion. A way to demonstrate that eating péi is (already) possible and always more tomorrow provided that communities, supermarkets and consumers also play the game. Fresh guava or pei pineapple juice, … Read more

He cooks a sausage rougail with chorizos and pasta: the video is controversial on social networks

A metropolitan Internet user on Instagram decided to publish a video of his recipe for “Rougail sausage with chorizos and pasta”. Very quickly, many Reunionese expressed their dissatisfaction after this recipe deemed “unacceptable” for the emblematic Reunionese dish: sausage rougail. In total, the video has been viewed over 350,000 times. Think you’ve seen it all? … Read more

A wallaby lost in the Rhône

A motorist had a funny encounter overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday around 1 a.m. On the road to Sain-Bel, in Saint-Pierre-la-Palud, he found himself face to face with a wallaby. It’s no longer worth going to the other side of the world to come across a wallaby in the wild… In the Rhône too, it’s … Read more

the indictment of the police officer for “murder” is “totally justified”, according to the families’ lawyer

Me Eddy Arneton, lawyer for the families of two men killed on the Pont-Neuf on April 24, estimated Wednesday May 18 on RTL that the indictment of a police officer for “voluntary homicide” was “totally justified“. Read alsoShooting of the Pont-Neuf in Paris: the police face suspicion SEE ALSO – Deadly shots on the Pont-Neuf: … Read more

10 of the most colorful species in the world

Birds with multicolored plumage are not confined to exotic environments, they can also be observed in France or Europe. Le Figaro offers you a list of 10 species to which nature has offered a mix of colors. A recent study, carried out jointly by the universities of Debrecen (Hungary) and Sheffield (United Kingdom), revealed that … Read more