Faced with the shortage, how to spice up your dishes without mustard?

SHORTAGE – According to the international research institute IRI, mustard is one of the five products most affected by inflation in France. Year on year, its price jumped 9.26%. But in addition to this surge, another difficulty is looming for consumers. After the shortage of sunflower oil, mustard is also beginning to desert supermarket shelves. … Read more

A return to normal that will take time to restore

Labor shortage, COVID-19 pandemic and rising food prices: the return to normal for restaurateurs could take longer than expected to return to February 2020 levels, according to a Desjardins economist. • Read also: Labor shortage: Quebec should welcome at least 70,000 immigrants a year, according to the PLQ • Read also: 15% of SMEs relocated … Read more

Oil, flour, eggs … Product shortages are increasing in supermarkets

War in Ukraine, inflation, storage, avian flu… So many elements which reinforce the lack of certain foods on the shelves. While shopping, the French gradually notice shelves that are empty, without being renewed. According to analyst NielsenIQ, these shortages represent a shortfall of 851 million euros for supermarkets in the first quarter of 2022. Of … Read more

Lidl expects inflation of “5 to 8%” on food products

The brand’s purchasing and marketing director predicts a general rise in food prices but is not worried about shortages. In the same way as energy, the evolution of the price of food products worries the government and the French. Particularly in the context of rebounding inflation fueled by the crisis in Ukraine. While general inflation … Read more