Tasteful but a little expensive and sometimes a headache: our assessment and our impressions

Eating exclusively Lotois for a week is possible if we are sometimes forgiven for using butter or cream that does not come from the Lot. But over a month, it’s already more complicated. Already, because it is more expensive. On races for about a week and a half, the total comes to €104.37 for Aouregan. Manon paid €65 for a week, i.e. €10 more than for “classic” races. A significant sum. Then, because it was rather difficult to diversify the meals. We lacked resources for starches, legumes, fish and cereals.

Merguez and homemade fries from Manon.

And then, a rather restrictive daily logistics between the withdrawal of the farmer’s drive, the shopping on the market, the anti-waste baskets to pick up… Aouregan had the impression of “having to calculate more and predict precisely what I was going to do eat every night to make sure you don’t miss anything”. “The first few days, I hadn’t bought enough meat or starch to settle down, I clearly felt hungry after meals,” says Manon. Good point: the taste and quality of the products. Whether organic or not, the flavors were always there.

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