The Afsca warns against buying pets from Ukraine on the internet: “Some people think they are doing a good deed but…”

The Agency, responsible for the prevention of animal diseases, recalls that these adoptions are surrounded by strict sanitary conditions, Ukraine not being free from rabies. “Unfortunately, some buyers do not seem to be aware of this health constraint and are convinced that they are doing a good deed by protecting animals in danger in this country at war”, notes Afsca. “Others mistakenly believe that the relaxations introduced for pets traveling with Ukrainian refugees also apply to buying Ukrainian pets online.”

When a person buys a pet in Ukraine (on the internet or not), they must respect the same health conditions as when they buy an animal from a country outside the European Union. This animal must therefore be identified by a microchip, be in possession of the necessary health documents, have been vaccinated against rabies, have undergone a blood test which confirms the presence of antibodies and have undergone quarantine in Ukraine.

“These rules can in no way be overridden because, despite large-scale vaccination of domestic and wild animals, Ukraine is not free from rabies,” warns the Federal Agency. Rabies is a serious disease that affects both animals and humans. Nearly 59,000 people still die each year worldwide from this disease.

“To date, the best way to act to protect these Ukrainian animals is to provide material or financial assistance to shelters and local protection associations,” concludes Afsca.

All useful information in the event of adopting an animal from outside the European Union is available on the Agency’s website.

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