The heart of Montreal far from the renaissance

Star chef Louis-François Marcotte will open a restaurant in Magog at the end of the month with three associates from there because he believes that the city center is not about to be reborn, learned The newspaper.

“The restoration in the city center is currently violent. The pool is small for employees. The clientele is very small in Montreal. There is still a lot of telework”, observes during an interview with The newspaper chef and entrepreneur Louis-François Marcotte.

Last April, The newspaper pointed out that more than 839 Quebec restaurateurs have hung up their aprons, stuck by closures, the lack of employees and the explosion in food prices, over the past year.

Not to mention the 65,600 fewer cooks, dishwashers and servers than before the pandemic, many of whom recently told their stories to the Log.

Collective project

For Louis-François Marcotte of Chez Cheval, who spiced up the menu at La Cage, and who we see in the series Help requestedmoving away from 514 with three partners rooted in the Eastern Townships is a breath of fresh air.

“I don’t think in the short term there will be a major downtown renaissance. We are no longer in crisis. We are coming to summer and the world is not in the offices, ”slices the one who is about to open a second restaurant Chez Cheval on the South Shore.

“I don’t think the city center will be reborn in madness in the coming years. It’s more permanent than you think, ”he says, driving the point home.

An hour and a half from Montreal, far from the buildings shunned by teleworkers, Louis-François Marcotte has set his sights on Magog.

With Junior Maheu (Bières Des Cantons) and Charles-Alexandre Pelletier (Les Enfants Terribles de Magog, Microbrasserie La Memphré and Le Principal), who are already well established in this corner of Quebec, he opens the Microbrasserie Des Cantons in the old building of the Auberge d’Orford.

“I would never have gone to Magog and set up a restaurant on my own,” insists Louis-François Marcotte, who relishes the fact of building a project for four.

Humble beginnings

In the midst of a labor shortage, there is no question of having eyes bigger than stomach by opening the floodgates from the first days.

“We are going to open the restaurant with a third of the terrace. We will start the machine slowly. We’re going to do things well, ”explains the man who pays his cooks between 18 dollars an hour and 25 dollars an hour depending on experience.

Initially, about thirty employees unearthed through the network of contacts of the co-owners will allow the restaurant to open from Wednesday to Sunday.

You can sip a draft beer brewed on site, accompanied by pizzas, lobster club, salmon tartare or flank steak, all inspired by Mélanie Blouin, who was the chef of the Hunting and Fishing Club.

The Microbrasserie des Cantons will occupy the space of the former Auberge Orford, the Pub du Pont and Chez Bénito, at 20 rue Merry Sud, in Magog.

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