the indictment of the police officer for “murder” is “totally justified”, according to the families’ lawyer

Me Eddy Arneton, lawyer for the families of two men killed on the Pont-Neuf on April 24, estimated Wednesday May 18 on RTL that the indictment of a police officer for “voluntary homicide” was “totally justified“.

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When people are shot ten times and they die, the intention to kill is established, there is no debate“, Estimated Me Arneton, who intervenes in other cases of police violence.

“Justice works normally”

For him, the examining magistrate had the “courage to see the obvious: the intention to kill is indisputable“and the offense retained for this indictment, “voluntary homicide“, liable to assizes, is “totally justified“. This qualification has sparked police protest rallies, which is “very surprising” for the lawyer of the families of Boubacar and Fadigui, because “justice works normally“.

According to a police intervention report consulted by AFP, during a police check, the driver of the car started and “ran towards one of the officials who moved away to avoid him“. The only police officer armed with an assault rifle, a member of the City Security Company (CSC), then opened fire, killing the two individuals and wounding a third.

Victims “known for narcotics”

This is the police version“, summed up Me Arneton. But “you have to have the humility to say at the start of the procedure that you can’t know everything. Questions arise about the will to flee, the positioning of the police officers, the shots at the windshield, the side window“, according to the lawyer.

While a source close to the case had indicated that the two victims were “unfavorably known, among others for narcotics“, the lawyer did not “could confirm it” because “in the procedure, for the time being, there is no criminal recordof the two victims. These informations “come from any police service“, according to him. “If it is a question of making us believe that in the event of illegal activity, it legitimates that we kill two people, I affirm that it is not possible“, added Me Arneton.

The lawyer finally underlined the “clemencyfrom which the peacekeeper benefited, indicted but left free under judicial control. “We would be in another case with someone who shot two people ten times, of course that person would be in pre-trial detention.“, he remarked. “How do you explain that a young man of 24 finds himself in the streets of Paris with an assault rifle?“, he also questioned.

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