the managers of a sheep farm and two veterinarians tried after the broadcast of a video from the L214 association

In 2020, the animal defense association L214 published a shocking video shot in the Grimal sheep farm in Rullac-Saint-Cirq (Aveyron). Two years later, the co-managers of the breeding as well as two veterinarians are judged before the court of Rodez.

The video is shocking and it is once again the L214 association that put it online. In the images shot between January and February 2020 in a sheep farm in Rullac-Saint-Cirq in Aveyron, we see lambs in very poor condition. Animals that do not see the light of day suffer from malformations and respiratory diseases. We also see lambs with their throats slit, although they are not properly stunned by the electric clamp. For L214, they are therefore killed in full consciousness. Here is the L214 video titled “Roquefort, suffering of guaranteed origin”:

The images were taken in a 20,000 m2 industrial lamb fattening facility. “Each year, nearly 120,000 lambs, mainly from the AOP Roquefort dairy sector, are fattened there for about 3 months” explains the L214 association. The farm is managed by the Grimal family, father and son. Both are also referred to the criminal court of Rodez. They are prosecuted for mistreatment of animals, deception on the quality of the product, but also for “irregular administration of veterinary drugs”.

Rarely, two veterinarians in the region who worked on this farm are also being prosecuted each for 7 offenses, according to the L214 association. Among the charges, “lack of health surveillance”, “drug abuse”or “delivery of veterinary drugs without prescriptions and in large quantities”.

The investigation, entrusted to the Rodez prosecutor’s office, had led to searches and police custody at the time. Today opens the trial, eagerly awaited by the L214 association. This case “shows how appalling the intensive farming system is for animals, but also dangerous for human beings: the anarchic use of antibiotics is a threat that weighs heavily on public health (…). Farms do not are not lawless zones” explains Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214.

Asked about these accusations in June 2020, Raymond Grimal, who manages the breeding with his son, raises his voice. ” We have nothing to reproach ourselves for. We are even shown as an example. We have 200 suppliers who have trusted us for years. It is not a coincidence “.

The manager of Sarl Grimal, who says he has invested 1 million euros for animal welfare, claims to be at the forefront today and not to be worried, especially since the images shot by L214 do not reflect the reality according to Raymond Grimal. “They came at night and frightened the lambs. Frightened, they then crowded together. To make shocking images, they filmed the infirmary, the enclosure where sick animals are kept, it that is to say a minority out of the 3000 lambs present “ defends the co-manager of this intensive livestock operation.

The trial is due to open at 2 p.m. at the Rodez Court.

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