The owner of this Bulldog who refuses to drink tap water spends more than 45 euros each month on plastic bottles (video)

This endearing little dog demands the same treatment as the family’s 2-year-old baby. Out of the question to drink tap water, the young canine agrees to drink only if his mistress opens a plastic bottle of water in front of him. An expensive whim!

Lizzi Pallister29, lives in the city ofExeter in England with her husband, daughter and Henry, their French Bulldog. The couple adopted him when he was 5 months old. When he was still a puppy, Henry already showed his little demanding character. “I have never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the center of attention, he is 100% a diva”said his mistress to the Mirror.

In effect, Henry refuses not only to go up and down the stairs, to sleep alone or to walk too long during walks, but also to drink the drinking water of the city. “Every morning when I put his bowl of tap water on the floor, he nudges and then sits down looking at me as if to say: Nice try – where’s my bottle”has explained Lizzy.

Illustration of the article: The owner of this Bulldog who refuses to drink tap water spends more than 45 euros each month on plastic bottles (video)
Lizzie Louise Pallister

A costly expense

“I consume 2 packs of 12 each week, it costs around 11 euros weekly. I have to run errands for the family and also buy them their water bottles”told Lizzy. The young woman therefore spends an average of 45 euros per month on single-use plastic bottles.

Indeed, when his mistress tries to fake it, the Bulldog does not let himself be taken in. “I tried to fill them with tap water, but he knows. He wants me to open it in front of him, as if to say: I am not a fool”confirmed Lizzy.

The video ofHenry refusing her water bowl has amassed over 113,000 views. Some owners say in comments that their dogs also have this whim.


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Despite his somewhat restrictive character traits for the family, Henry is affectionate dog. Lizzy bought him a beautiful basket, but the latter much prefers to sleep warm with his masters.

Furthermore, if Henry doesn’t get what he asks for, he sulks for a long time. “I took him off my lap the other day because I had to do some chores and he turned his back on me for about an hour”has explained Lizzy. Henry really earned her diva title.


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