The photo of a Burger King trash can in the Tarn ignites social networks

A bin full to the brim of burger ingredients has been touring the networks since its publication on Thursday, June 9.

The photo, published Thursday, June 9 via the social networks of journalist Hugo Clément, ignites the web. We see a green bin belonging to a Burger King in Castres (Tarn) filled to the brim with breads, minced steaks, salads and multiple burger ingredients.

“How sad to know that animals have been raised in difficult conditions and slaughtered to end up … in a trash can”, commented Hugo Clément, known for his interventions in favor of the animal cause. “No matter how much we suspect the immense food waste caused by fast-food chains and large retailers, it always hurts the stomach to see this type of image. Especially when some French people have to tighten their belts because inflation…”

Burgers made on the chain or fallen on the ground…

Burger King was reportedly contacted to respond to this photo and explained that “food waste accounts for approximately 1% of raw materials sold” in its restaurants each day. “It’s both little and still too much. Our objective is to continue to reduce these losses”.

Testimonials from Burger King employees collected by Hugo Clément confirm that this waste is a reality in several of the brand’s restaurants. This would concern burgers prepared on the chain and thrown away if no one eats them, as well as ingredients that have fallen on the ground or whose use-by date has been exceeded…

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