The production of the island of love brought the adorable Maya back to Quebec

If you’ve watched The Isle of Love Season 2, you’ve definitely noticed the adorable little dogs that have mingled with the Islanders. Well know that Maya, the little black dog, is now living “her best life” in Quebec with her new master.

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Charles-William has a very important role in the production of the island of love: he holds the position of nanny for the Islanders. He had the chance to spend the entire stay in the villa (but away from the cameras) and above all, to adopt Maya.

“The connection was made naturally. She even adopted me. When we arrived, we obviously noticed that the stray dogs Lucy and Maya “lived” on the estate and they were super affectionate. We named them in honor of the nannies who take care of the Islanders once they are eliminated”, launches the new master of Maya.

The connection between Charles-William and the approximately one and a half year old beast is very special.

“It’s like she’s a human. We understand each other, she listens to me very well, but she remains independent. When we were there, she could spend her day on the beach doing her business and in the evening she would come back at bedtime. I know because she always came back scratching at my door,” he explains.

The adoption was not complicated. “The woman who takes care of the estate told me that Maya had been wandering around for a while. Since no one seemed to take care of her, the woman helped me fill out the paperwork to adopt her, she had her vaccinated and she even prepared her for her big trip to Quebec. , he explains.

Once the paperwork was completed, all that remained was to go through Canadian customs.

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“For real, the customs officer who welcomed us recognized it! We had done the necessary procedures to bring Maya home, but let’s say it made things easier for him to recognize her,” he said.

Maya is now Canadian!

Maya is now Canadian!

“She is really small, but she has a lot of character! She was being pushed around by the other dogs, but didn’t let them. Still, she seems really happy to be with my boyfriend and me,” adds Charles-William.

The passage of the dog to the island of love did not go unnoticed. So much so that fans recognized him on the street.

“People literally stop me and ask me if this isn’t the love island dog. We made her an Instagram and she has a golden heart-shaped necklace like the show’s logo. She’s a real little star,” he said.

To follow Maya’s next adventures, you can follow her on Instagram.

To see or rewatch Maya’s passage to the island of love, go to TVA+.

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