The PS in favor of slaughter with stunning in Wallonia but not in Brussels: “We have taken into account the reality of Brussels”

An unfair statement for Marc-Jean Ghyssels who returns the ball to him: “Strictly speaking, we can consider that the text tabled by Défi, Groen and Open vld is purely electoral since it is a subject that was not included in the government agreement. We are releasing a text outside the code of the animal welfare for which the minister who is part of Mr. de Patoul’s party is in charge”he replies.

For him, stunning goes much further than the question of animal welfare. “What is disturbing is the possible stigmatization of two communities. I prefer that we go and buy cattle or sheep in Wallonia because we know that it is quality meat rather than buying it from Brazil, where there is no control and where 5,000 animals are slaughtered a day.These are certainly not the same conditions as those that exist at the slaughterhouse in Brussels, and that is not taken into account at all. “

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