They are asked for more than 600 euros for two mojitos and a dish

600 euros for two mojitos and crab legs… The note is salty. Even in the biggest palaces, you will have trouble finding such prices for these two products. However, this is the price that two American women had to pay, a mother and her daughter, says the Swiss newspaper The morning which is based on information from the Greek media θEMA. It all starts in early May. Brenda Moulton and her daughter are on vacation in Greece, more precisely in Mykonos. The two women are walking on a beach and are accosted by the waiters of a bar.

Even if they had no plans to stop, they allow themselves to be persuaded by the insistence of their interlocutor who repeatedly asks them to sit down. They order a drink, the two famous mojitos, then food: a plate with two crab legs. For the dish, they would still have given in to the “aggressive” behavior of the server, relate our colleagues. In both cases, they notice that the prices are not displayed.

A website to denounce these actions

The two Americans quietly finish their dish and their mojitos and are about to pay when they discover the pain at the counter, specifies Le Matin. The bill shows a total of 520.80 euros, to which are added 78.12 euros for the service. In total, for these three elements, they must pay 598.92 euros. A heresy for them who believe that mojitos and crab “cannot cost 600 euros”. They explain that they were threatened after deciding to refuse to pay. “They will keep you here and you will not return to your country. We can easily find where you live,” the manager reportedly threatened. On leaving, the mother and daughter tried to dissuade other customers from entering the establishment before suffering the wrath of the staff.

These remarks allegedly made by the manager are corroborated by other cases concerning this same restaurant, DK Oyster, in Mykonos. Thus, as relayed The Independent in 2019, another American tourist had received an addition of 860 euros for calamari and beers. Last May, a Briton had to pay more than 1,500 euros for two dishes, a salad and bread. The staff would then have told him that the prices indicated on the card were “per kilo”. Refusing to pay, she said she had been surrounded. Other bad reviews have been posted about this restaurant. Moreover, since then, a website has been created to denounce the actions of the staff and the manager. It is stated that the “servers are trained to force you to order” and that the prices “are displayed in grams”, which mislead consumers.

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